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Chapter 6-Dark Plan

Grand Castle,The Next Night.

"We must destroy him no matter know,during the day,we're always been threatened by them..the light..if we don't make it very quick,maybe it would become more worst.."Lord Voldemort spoke while rubbed his pet,a big snake.

"Voldemort's right....we should make it know,staying in this bloody castle without doing anything..we are like tosser..we're must begin the war in closer time...if not,the alliance will be prosecuted by the law.."Lucius Malfoy agreed with his master.

"Whose the law?Why they want to prosecute our alliance?They have no right in this case.."Master Xehanort asked as he drank a cup of vodka. Pitch that was just staring at the window earlier turned his sight to his comrades and answered,"It's Manny...The Man in Moon!!..He's a royal law.."

"What can a moon do to us?He is just a static...can't do anything beside moving to its path."Voldermort laughed when Pitch said moon.

"Don't be a tosser,Voldermort...he's a powerful man in the world. Our power can't defeat him. Watch your mouth,mate..."

"Hey,hey,hey....Listen here,you bollocks..we were gathered here to unite in order to destroy the,why should we argue about this?"Professor James Moriarty suddenly spoke up. He seemed can't controlled his temper when the hot topic became a conflict.

"Moriarty is right..each of us have the outstanding abilities. We can't just sit here and argue like this..if it continues,the dark alliance would not become powerful team."Maleficent agreed with James. With that,they were instantly silent themselves and returned to their place.

"So,what is our plan?First plan?"Shan Yu asked.

"Hmm,like I just said before..if they want us to be prosecute by an order..we will destroy their small light first..."Pitch gave the opinion as he folded his arms.

"How is that,my master??What is your plan?"Voldermort then asked.

"The Enchanted Dominion...."

Everyone suddenly gaped with the answer. They were seemed not understood about his plan.

"Enchanted Dominion?"Xemnas confused.

"I know you all wondering what I said just now. We must kill the source of light..because with that light,they become stronger..when we have destroy the light..our mission will become easier than we ever think..I mean..steal his light or more specific..his heart!!"

The members were looking each other. Trying to capture what Pitch was meant. Then,Vanitas asked,"Who is it?"

Pitch smiled and said,"Jack Frost's precious thing in his whole life.."

"Hah!!You mean..."Suddenly the black spiky haired boy captured something from his riddle.

"'s was's his first torture. After will be his last torture,Death!!"

Everyone shouted in happiness. But their happiness were also covered with evil and hatred. With that,their spirit will became increased with more energetic.


Frost Castle

"Is he still unconscious?"Jack asked Tooth,who was checking and observing Jamie,who was fainted because of the dark alliance torture. She looked at him and answered,"He's still weak..he don't have any energy to support him for keep conscious. His memory is sleeping,same with his heart. Can't even locate the main cause of his faint."

"Memory?"Jack asked once again.

"It's part of our life,Master Jack...the memory..each person were given by god a small precious thing in ourselves,that is Memory. The memory and the heart are connected. If both of the system..or from one of them was malfunction..he can't awaken from his sleep because either heart or memory or both of them were not functioning or I mean...sleep."Sora suddenly spoke up. Explained the definition of memory.

The white haired boy looked at his lover with concerned and worried,"Jamie.."

"Guys,better if we let him rest for a while. Come on,we're still have some work to do..Jack?"North then spoke while patted the snowy boy. He seemed refused to follow them. Then,he said," all go first..I just want to be alone with him for a while.."

They respected his decision. Then,they exited the room,leaving the couple. Once they disappeared from the doorstep,Jack turned his sight to his lover again and this time,he held his hand and tightened the grip between their hand.

"Jamie..why they did this to you?How could're just a weak person,sweetie..a weak person who want yourself being protect by someone stronger. I promise..I promise I will destroy them.."

He kissed Jamie's hand and continued,"Jamie Frost Bennett..I love you so much..even though you're alive or not..I am still love you,only you,Jamie..I will protect you no matter what happen."

He kissed his hand again and then covered his face onto the mattress. Not long after that,he suddenly felt something tight in his hand. He quickly looked toward his hand and he saw that Jamie's hand was moving. He smiled a little as he tried to wake him up.

"Jamie?Is that you?"

"J-Jack..."Jamie began to give response.

"I'm here,sweetheart...are you alright?"

"C-Can you...sleep with me?Please?"

Jack smiled widely as he nodded. He couldn't do anything beside agreed with him. He answered,"O-Okay..".

He let go his hand and moved to the right side of the bed. He sat on the bed and then lying beside his lover. He held his hand once again while his body faced toward him.

"I'm here, need a lot of rest,you know.."

"I-I know.."He was still weak and can't spoke with full sentence. Jack just chuckled while kissed his forehead and said,"Well..have a nice sleep,kiddo.."

"T-Thank you,Jack..."

Jack raised an eyebrow as he asked,"For what?"

"For the best kiss and also best word that I have ever heard in my life..."Jamie managed to speak in full sentence.

"I love you,Jamie.."

"I love you too,Jack..First..and one..and..only.."

Jack leaned forth to kiss his lips. Which Jamie returned with a same kiss but in weak state. Can't gave him a best kiss as Jack. Then,they were soon drifted into lovely sleep with their hand were holding each other.



North,the guardian and the members of alliance were observing the grassland,that have been burned by Dark Alliance. The beautiful grassland became the chaos grassland. Takato asked to him. From earlier,he still holding Jen's hand.

"Master we want to fix it back?It need to take a lot of time..I'm sure that we never could make it. Any idea?"

North answered while patted him,"Well,son..maybe we should combine our power together. Who knows,it will become a beautiful grasslanf field ever. We have to help Jack and Jamie. This is their beautiful homeland. Jack made this place for him and his beloved."


"I get it!!!"Gary's loud voice made their attention turned to him.


"We can...but,I need all your would be amazing place ever..and when they moved to another new homeland,this place will be an exciting interest place for the tourist to visit here."

Everyone were listening to Gary's idea very carefully. After that,they began their task as have been planned.


Grand Castle

"What!!!They are so bloody hell!!!"Voldermort groaned in anger while he shocked with the news. Pitch continued speak,"Gah!!They have fixed the,we have realized that their heart are full of light.."

"They are so absoobloodylootely filthy mudblood!!!More bloody than Dumbledore and Potter!!!"Malfoy agreed.

"Absoobloodylootely??What's that mean?"Hades asked with his confuse face.

"It's UK know nothing about it..."

"Hey!!!No time for this language argument!!!Now we have to think how we want to destroy Jamie's heart so no more light that protecting them."

"You have said that we will do the Enchanted Dominion plan.."James Moriarty chuckled little.

Pitch walked to the big window and looked to outside.

"Don't worry,mate...because..our plan has just begin..."

To Be Continued....
My Next of JackXJamie fanfic..

Sorry for my bad english...

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