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Chapter 4-Abduction

Somewhere in Route 1...

Gary was driving his sport car to his house which was also Ash's house. They have just visiting Delia at Viridian Hospital. Now they were on the way to return home in Pallet Town. Cilan,Dawn,and Iris were sleeping in the car because of their tiredness. Ash was still silenced since at the hospital. Gary looked him with sad face. Then he asked,

"Ash?Are you okay,honey?"

Ash gazed at him followed by wept as he replied,"Nothing,Gary..I just need some time to calm myself about what just happened today. I have only her in this world. I can't lose her. Although I do more love you,but mom's love can't be destroyed in every child's instinct.".

Gary stared and then smiled. He told him,"You're right,Ashy boy. Mom's love overcomes everything. Why don't you sleep too?You need a lot of rest,honey.". The other boy grinning and nodding,"You're right,Gary. I need a lot of rest.". Then he repositioned himself so he can slept very well.

"Sleep well,my little Ashy."Gary rubbed his lover's cheek with his thumb and smiled. Then,Ash drifted into sleep. The brunette gazed at him for a while before he continued driving.

Ash House,Pallet Town...

Gary parked his car at house porch. "We have return finally."He said to himself. Then,he looked at his lover who was still sleeping. Also with the trio. The brunette chuckled when he looked at them.

"Ashy...we have arrived.."

Ash began to wake. He rubbed his eyes as he looked to his surrounding. Gary was right,he have returned to his lovely home. He quickly stepped out from the car and ran to outside. Ash's noise made the trio also woke up from the sleep. He took a deep fresh air as he looked at his lover.

"Gary,come here..."Ash yelled calling his name. Gary sighed and smiled as he walked to him and hugged him from back. He kissed Ash's cheek. "I'm glad we have returned to our original place. Our hometown,Pallet Town. My wish have granted."

The brunette kissed him once again and then retorted,"I know you really wanted to return here,Ashy boy. It was also my wish. To return here with you. And spending time here with you.". Ash can't controlled his desire,he quickly kissed Gary's lips with very deep kiss. Gary also returned the favour with giving him back an affection kiss.

"Hey,should we enter into our house now?"Ash asked between the kiss.

"Yeah,you're go unlock the door while I take our things at car boot."Gary nodded as he broke the kiss and the hug. Ash smiled at him before he left. The brunette returned to his car and he suddenly forgot that the trio still inside the car. He smiled toward them,"Hey guys,are you want to get out from my car or you want to stay inside for the rest of your life?"

They quickly stepped out from Gary's car and took their things at the car boot. Cilan said,"Sorry,Gary.". The brunette sighed as he looked they entered into the house.

When they have gathered in the house. Ash began speak,"Okay,guys..welcome to my house. While Delia was still staying in the hospital,you can stay here for a few months. Cilan,Dawn,Iris..let me show to you the guestroom for you to stay...and..". Suddenly,Dawn interrupting,"Umm,Ash..I want to stay in one room with Cilan. Can I?". The green haired boy startled when she requested that. But he seemed did not oppose her request. He began to like her. "Umm,sure..if you want to.."Cilan said while blushed.

Ash and Iris chuckled at the embarassed couple. Gary was still not in the house because he still taking his stuff at his car. "Okay,Iris..your room right there,beside kitchen door. Formerly,that room was my mom's room or master bedroom. But since my father's death,she moved to upstairs. You can stay there."

The purple haired girl nodded as she said,"Thanks,Ash..."She then walked to her room. Ash continued,"As for you Cilan and Dawn,you two can stay in the room beside Iris. Formerly that room was a store room,but my mom and I were making some change in that room. You can stay there. Don't worry,everything have set. Have bed,cupboard,desk,and more."

The couple thanked him as they walked into their room,leaving Ash alone. After everything was done,he sat on the sofa and turned on the television. Then,Gary appeared. He sat beside his lover and hold his hand as he gazed at him with a smile face.

" you have any planning tonight?"Asked Gary. Ash shook his head as he answered,"No...I don't know what to do tonight..You know,Gary..I need something to cheer me up. Something that can make me feel happy even though my sadness still covered me up."

"I have planning for both of us tonight. We will go for dinner in a famous restaurant. I'm sure you know it too."

"Really?thanks Gary.."

"Hey,no need to thank me. You are mine now..hahaha.."Gary laughed. Ash suddenly blushing then leaning his head over his shoulder. Gary took his chance to kiss his head.

"Gary,can I want to train my Pokemon with you?I mean..fight against you?You see..I did not practise or train my Pokemon for long time."Ash requested something to him. Gary stunned with his request. Actually,he also did not practising his Pokemon for long time because he was too busy about his research.

" you want to practise now or later?"Gary nodded. The other boy said,"It would be better if we practise now.". "Okay,let's go outside.."Gary pulled him and walked with him with their hand holding each other.

They began the Pokemon training not far away from couple's house and also not far away from Oak's lab. Ash stood at left side while Gary stood at right side. Ash called Staravia while Gary called Blastoise. The first round was not too tough. Same with the second round,Gliscor against Electrivire. But the third round were the toughest battle,Buizel against Umbreon. Each of them were not showing that they were gonna lose.

"Buizel,quick attack!!"Ash yelled to his Pokemon. Buizel ran with so fast and wait for the right time to attack. "Umbreon,Protect!!"Gary's turned commanding her. The black fox made a huge shield. Cause Buizel failed to attack her. But Ash did not easily gave up. Gary was impressed about his lover's spirit. 'That's why i'm falling in love with you. Your strong spirit is one of the factor.'Gary thought to himself.

"Buizel,Water Veil attack!!"Ash commanded to his Pokemon again. Buizel strengthen the attack. He ran with so fast spinning around Umbreon. Then,the water started to flood around her. She was struck down by the high pressure water. Umbreon finally been defeated. Gary gave an applause to him. "Congratulations,Ashy boy. Umbreon,return!". Umbreon returned into Pokeball.

The brunette came closer to Ash and kissed him,"You did great, will become the Pokemon Master one day. But you must have faith on me. Remember that..."

"Okay,Gary..thanks.."Ash buried his head into his chest. While Buizel looked them with suspiciously. The raven haired boy smiled at his Pokemon as he told him,"Don't worry,Buizel..he is my husband,let me introduce him..Gary Oak,a Pokemon Researcher.". The yellow Pokemon grinning at Gary as he waved the hand to him,"Buizel!!". Gary winked as he greeted him,"Hi,Buizel...nice to meet you.."

Then Buizel returned into the pokeball. Gary turned to his lover and said,"Let's return to the house. I want to relax for a while. After this we will have a long dinner. So we have to take a lot of relax,don't you think?". The other boy agreed,"You're right,Gary...come on,let's go."

3 hours later...

"Ash?Gary?Wake's almost night already..the sun is about to set."Said Cilan as he knocked the door.

In couple's room. Gary quickly woke up from the bed and opened the door. "What is it,Cilan?You just disturbing us..."

"It's almost 7 p.m,Professor...It's almost night. Dawn and I want to go out for our date now. So,see you around."Cilan replied as he pat Gary's shoulder. The brunette suddenly shocked,"What!!!Now almost 7 o'clock?". The green haired boy felt scared when his friend shouted like that.

"Yeah,why?Is something wrong with it?"

" may go have a nice date."The brunette shook his head as he answered the question then he closed the door. Cilan scratched his back as he said himself,"Gary is so weird...I wonder how Ash can fell in love with him.."

He quickly awaken his lover,"Ash...Ash...we're gonna late for our it's almost 7 in the night.". The other boy quickly woke up from his sleep and gazed at the brunette,"So,I think we have to cancel the dinner...". Gary looked him with sad face,"I'm sorry,'s my fault..I supposed to set an alarm. I'm so sorry,Ash.."He then suddenly wept.

Ash calmed him as he said,"It's okay,Gary...It's not your fault actually..maybe you were too tired due to our training a few hours ago. It's okay...but,I have one place for us to go tonight...i'm sure once we're there,it will become the best" romantic night ever."

"Where is it?Can you tell me?"

Ash placed a finger on his lover's lips as he interrupted,"'s a secret, just get ready with yourself. Wait for me at your car..then,I will tell you where we should going,is it clear?"

"Okay,Ashy boy...I will wait for you at my car.."He then gave Ash a kissed at the lips. Then,he left the room. Ash went to bathroom for cleaning himself.

A few minutes later,at house porch.

Gary started the car engine. He still waiting for Ash. "Why he took so long?". A few minutes later,Ash entered into the car. Gary asked him with a bit angry. "Why you took so long,Ash?". Ash grinned and replied,"Sorry,Gary...come on..let's moving.."

"To where?"

"Mount Pallet...the most romantic place."

Gary smiling at him as he started driving. They were heading to Mount Pallet that about 9 kilometre from Pallet Town and 15 kilometre if from Viridian City.

Mount Pallet...

Mount Pallet was the second highest mountain after Mountain Moon. The special about Mount Pallet,the people can saw New Bark Town(Johto Region) and also Mountain Silver from that mountain. The Mountain Pallet also was the peaceful place especially at night. The people can enjoyed the cool breeze there.

Once the couple have arrived at the mountain gate. Suddenly,a worker that seemed working at reception counter approached them. "Sorry,sir but we're closed. Please come back tomorrow."

Gary took the money from his pocket shirt and gave to him,"This is admission money. I hope you accept it because we have only tonight. Tomorrow we will have a lot of work to do."

The worker stunned when he saw the brunette,"Are you,Gary Oak?Son of Samuel Oak?". Gary smiled and nodded,"Yes,i'm Gary Oak.". He took the money from him as he said,"Welcome sir...please enjoy the night moment,sir."

Once the worker left them. They passed through the gate and heading to the top of the mountain with their hand holding each other.

Once they reached at the top of Mount Pallet,they sat at the bench that facing to the sea. The moon was shining that time. They looked up to the moon and then looked to each other. They staring for a long time. All of a sudden,a red flush appeared on both's cheek.

"I..I just can't believe that we're here,Ashy...You know,I have never been here for so long. I wish I can always going here and watching the beautiful sky. Since we're rivals,I never realized that this place was our first meeting place when we're child,right?"

"Exactly...Actually,I want both of us to reminisce our past. When we're met each other here during 5 years old. I just..missed our time here.."Ash leaned closer to him while he leaned his head over Gary's shoulder.

"I know it's hard for you to forget all these memories. Same with me. The past memories make us remembered about our first friendship...then,after that...we're going watching cinema together. Then.."Gary suddenly laughed. Ash stared at him,"Why are you laughing?"

Gary continued,"Nothing just..I just suddenly remembered when I suddenly holding your hand during in the cinema. That time we were watching horror movie. I got scared...Then,I hold your hand very you remember?"

Ash suddenly blushing. "I know that time...I wish it happens again.."Then he laughed. Gary was still blushing.

"Oh my little Ashy...I love you so much..."Gary leaned closer to him.

"I love you too,Gary...I love you too..."

Their lips finally contacted to each other. Their tongue were battle for dominance. Gary have gave to his lover very romantic kiss. They were kissing for long time until they broke the kiss with winking each other.

"Oh,so romantic...but,your romantic is just end right now..."Hearing mysterious voice. They looked at the back. They saw two men that thier head were covered by black hood. One of them threw the sleep smoke. Cause the couple fainted.

"Hey,bring Ash from here. As our leader said."The first man said. The other man nodded as they took Ash and brought him away from the mountain.

What Happen?Will Be Continued....
My next chapter..this chapter...Ash has been abducted by stranger.

I'm sorry because this chapter was jerk...bad English..
I promise I will do better in the next chapter..

SoRoku fanfic-(The Journey With You) will be return active with new chapter soon..

First(1st season)-[link]
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